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Sorry about that post yesterday. There was some kind of mixup. Things everywhere… quite a mess. Anyway, I’ve finished a complete translation of 7th Dragon for Nintendo DS, available here. Enjoy!

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Call this an experiment. Reblog if you have OCs that you adore

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nudiahdsu nggggh <3

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It’s the 28th of September 2013 and i still find this:


more menacing and terrifying than this:


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Mini canvas + acrylic gouache


Mini canvas + acrylic gouache

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Fast Komali drawing, i suck at drawing D:

Fast Komali drawing, i suck at drawing D:

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I’VE ACTUALLY BEEN MEANING TO DO THIS SINCE I’VE REACHED 2000 FOLLOWERS IN DECEMBER but I kept wibbling on what to give/figure out how to write this post but I decided to YOLO and just write this.

Prize #1 is a Diabolik Lovers set  which includes:

  • The Limited Edition of Diabolik Lovers for PSVita (in case it needed to be said, the game is in Japanese and is region free)
  • The cosmetic set (which has a mirror, a pouch, and I think postcards if I remember right)
  • All 6 character song CDs
  • The entire MB drama CD set (although you’ll have to wait slightly longer to get Reiji’s as I’ll need to pick up my extra copy first)
  • Posters of Shu and Subaru

Prize #2 is a recently released otome game set which includes Ken ga Kimi (+ tokuten CD) and Sanzen Sekai Yuugi (I forgot to take the picture and I’m too lazy to reupload with my phone) This is probably also obvious but both games are in Japanese and are for the PC.

Prize #3 is a Seventh Heaven set which includes all 7 drama CDs + a postcard

Rules are the following:

  1. Since this is a follower’s appreciation giveaway, it’s a given that you have to already be following me to participate. Just reblog this post once, likes will not count.
  2. Since one of the prizes is an R18 game, you must be 18 years old or older to participate. This is to prevent the potential of angry parents and what not. It’d also be best if your country is ok with having any of these things shipped to you.
  3. I’ll be choosing through a random generator and will send you an ask afterward, so please leave your ask box open. If I can’t contact you, or if you don’t respond after 48 hours, I will have to draw a new winner.
  4. The deadline is February 28, 2014.

Thank you for following me and good luck everyone<3

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